Frida Heskebeck

Welcome to my homepage! I’m Frida, a Ph.D
student at the Department of Automatic Control.
You can read about my research,
my life as a Ph.D. student in my blog posts,
and view some of my best photos.

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There are many things I want to share with you. But these posts here are what I think are most important.

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Feeling down?

We all feel down occasionally. Sometimes there is a reason, and sometimes there is not. For me, it is often in the evenings when I’m about to go to bed that everything comes crashing down. I have recently figured out how to get my spirits up again: Nice videos to distract myself. Here are myContinue reading “Feeling down?”


I work with EEG based Brain-Computer interfaces and I have a background in Biotechnology.


I enjoy taking photos – feel free to take a look!

Me, Myself, and I

I’m a Ph.D. student at The Department of Automatic Control, Lund University.