Learning new Photography skills

I recently discovered the photo editing program Gimp and the youtube channel Davies Media Design. Watching Davies videos, I have learned how to use the curve tool properly, how to change colors of an image, and that as small a detail as adding a vignette can make a huge difference! Thank you, Michael Davies! I have mainly usedContinue reading “Learning new Photography skills”

Writing Licentiate thesis

I blogged earlier about starting to write my Licentiate thesis. Well, time has passed, and I’m still writing. The plan is to split it into one part with an in-depth introduction to BCI systems and one part about my research. I aim to have a draft of the first part until summer. It is occasionally hard toContinue reading “Writing Licentiate thesis”

Writing a paper

I have mostly taken courses and done teaching during my Ph.D. so far. But this semester, I have focused on research. The idea is to use so-called multi-armed bandits to improve Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). Multi-armed bandits The challenge in a multi-armed bandit problem is to choose an action that gives you the highest reward. ForContinue reading “Writing a paper”

Project with Daniel

My friend Daniel is also doing a Ph.D. We have started a project together where we look at the control of chromatography systems. It’s great to work together with someone on something once in a while; Ph.D. studies tend to focus only on yourself and your research otherwise. My current aim in the project is to compare two chromatogramsContinue reading “Project with Daniel”

Teacher of the year – again!

Today I had the honor of receiving the prize for best teaching assistant of the year from the M-guild at LTH. I’m so proud and delighted about this prize. This semester, we taught in the classroom (instead of online as during Covid). I had seminars that were similar to webinars, as I have written about before.Continue reading “Teacher of the year – again!”