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It’s summertime! Yay! We visited Sofiero in the beautiful weather. It is easy to take pictures of flowers, much harder to take of humans.

vBCI 2021

The abstract that I submitted to my first conference has been accepted! What that means is that I will have a poster at the virtual BCI meeting next week. I have never been to a conference before, and I’m nervous. But I have done all preparations: prepared a pitch video and made the poster, so I thinkContinue reading “vBCI 2021”

Pedagogical Prize!

At LTH, there is a tradition among the student guilds to honor the year’s best teacher and teaching assistant. First, the students nominate teachers and teaching assistants they like, and then the student council selects the best teacher and teaching assistant based on some criteria. This year it was me. Out of all the teachingContinue reading “Pedagogical Prize!”

Reflections on Webinars

It is always hard to know what good teaching is. I learned some tools for analyzing teaching in the course Teaching for Higher Education that I took. One assignment was to reflect upon our teaching, and I wrote about my webinars (see attached document below).

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, and I bought myself a new telephoto lens. So far, I’m pleased. Of course, using a telephoto lens is pretty different from a normal one. Still, I feel that I will be able to take exciting photos with some practice.

Sewing Pants

My last sewing project was a pair of pants. I have tried the same pattern before, and they turned out way too small. This time, I expanded them a bit over the legs, and they turned out perfect! I’m so proud! My next project is a dress. I bought the book Sy klänningar! (English: Sew many dresses sewContinue reading “Sewing Pants”


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