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Matrix Theory

Some colleagues and I take the course Matrix Theory this semester. I will learn a lot, but it will take some hard work. Though I’m still not sure I can trust the book yet, it calls me a liar….

Mathematics for Machine Learning

Few books that I read give me the feeling that they are written for me, but the book Mathematics for Machine Learning does. The book’s authors start from the basics and present advanced mathematical concepts in an understandable way. If you ever want to get “under the hood” of machine learning, I suggest you start here.

Cloud Course

During the spring, I took a course in Cloud computing. The idea is to use cloud computing with BCI systems to make them faster and mobile. The overall concept of a cloud is that the service should more or less always be available. Availability means, among other things, that the service needs to scale accordingContinue reading “Cloud Course”


My parents keep bees in their garden. The bees are adorable. The last time I visited, it was hot, and the bees were drinking water from my parents’ pond. Here are some bee-related videos I have recorded.


So how about the running? Well, parts 2 and 3 of Lundaloppet went great! Part 4, on the other hand… I managed to hurt my knee/leg/hip (a bit unclear where the problem is) after part 3. Hence, I walked part 4. Not a great success, but I think it was a wise decision. Additionally, my husband’sContinue reading “Running”

Summer BCI project

So far during the summer, a colleague (Martin Gemborn Nilsson) and I have been working on setting up a real-time BCI system. We had our struggles, but in the end, we managed. We used Timeflux and Psychopy. The BCI system detects the user’s workload (“how hard is the user thinking”). To calibrate, the user does an n-back experiment where theContinue reading “Summer BCI project”


I have played golf since I was ten years old, but lately not as frequently as when I was younger. Every year there is a “Golf week” at my club with competitions every day. My family and I always participate. I played in some competitions with my cousin. Unfortunately, the rest of the family beatContinue reading “Golf”


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