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My husband is the coolest!

The title says it all: My husband is the COOLEST!!! He has colored his hair blue, and he is so beautiful! It was not cheap, so a friend of ours taught me how to do it so I can do it from now on.

Writing a paper

I have mostly taken courses and done teaching during my Ph.D. so far. But this semester, I have focused on research. The idea is to use so-called multi-armed bandits to improve Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). Multi-armed bandits The challenge in a multi-armed bandit problem is to choose an action that gives you the highest reward. ForContinue reading “Writing a paper”

Project with Daniel

My friend Daniel is also doing a Ph.D. We have started a project together where we look at the control of chromatography systems. It’s great to work together with someone on something once in a while; Ph.D. studies tend to focus only on yourself and your research otherwise. My current aim in the project is to compare two chromatogramsContinue reading “Project with Daniel”

Rock carvings

It is a special feeling to be so close to something that was created such a long time ago. If you ever get the chance to visit some rock carvings, I recommend you do it. If you are in Sweden here is a map of all antiquities.

Flower Power

I like flowers. I have too many flowers. I want more flowers. The best way to get more flowers is to take cuttings (swe: stickling) from a plant. Here is how to do it: Cut a plastic bottle in half to use as a pot. Fill the pot with soil (if you have “lacakulor,” putContinue reading “Flower Power”


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