Thrown out?

I still live in a student apartment with my husband and must fulfill the activity level requirements to keep the apartment. They are fair requirements, and it is no problem for me to meet these. It has never been. Regardless, I got very anxious today when I got an email asking me to verify my activity level. I only have to send in some papers showing that I am a Ph.D. student, but still – Anxiety!

I have sent in the papers, and wait for confirmation that everything is as it should. Then we can keep living in our small student apartment, without any garden or dishwasher, but with partying student neighbors and every space for storage filled to the brim. I’m looking forward to moving, but I’m also a bit scared of it. It is such a big decision to buy a house/apartment. We can live in our student apartment for two more years, so we still have plenty of time, but will have to make the decision sooner or later.

Have a nice day!

This is the view from our window.
The house opposite of ours belongs to one of the most party friendly areas in Lund.

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