Pedagogical Prize!

At LTH, there is a tradition among the student guilds to honor the year’s best teacher and teaching assistant. First, the students nominate teachers and teaching assistants they like, and then the student council selects the best teacher and teaching assistant based on some criteria. This year it was me. Out of all the teachingContinue reading “Pedagogical Prize!”

Effective Studies – 1. Introduction

There are many different ways of studying. Some are more efficient than others. This post is the first in my series Effective Studies, where I will tell you my best advice on how to study effectively. Overview When you take a course, you are typically introduced to new concepts through lectures or reading a book. Afterward,Continue reading “Effective Studies – 1. Introduction”

So many feelings

Being a Ph.D. student is sometimes like riding a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days I love it, but some days I only feel anxiety. Today I have felt both. Performance anxiety The most common negative emotion that I have as a Ph.D. student is performance anxiety. I feel that I don’t know enough, I don’tContinue reading “So many feelings”