Adventures in Småland

My husband and I decided to spend a few days in Småland. It was a long time ago since either of us felt so relaxed. There is not so much forest around where we live, but in Småland, there is, and we love it!

We visited Gustavsfors and the ruins from a former industry imperium. It was active around the turn of the century, but nothing remains but the ruins. They used to color yarn, produce leather and paper, had a forge, and of course, farming. As if all of this was not enough, they earned some extra money by lending their house’s cellar as a prisoner custody. What a business plan…

Today the area is famous for the excellent fishing opportunities offered by the power plant lakes. If you should pass by Pjätteryd in Småland, this place is worth a visit!

The sun decided to show up for the last day, giving us a spectacular sunrise!

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