Yes to Chess

I recently started to play chess after watching Netflix’ The Queen’s Gambit, and I’m hooked! What’s appealing to me is that before every move you make, you have to do your best to think at least two steps ahead and consider:

  • Where can I attack?
  • Where can my opponent attack?
  • What is my plan?
  • What is my opponent’s plan?
  • If I make this move, what will my opponent do?
  • If I don’t make this move, what will my opponent do?

And I always forget at least one of these points and make a mistake. I mainly play on, where you can analyze the game afterward. My goal right now is to reduce the number of blunders that I make. I mostly play 10 minutes speed chess, which is too little time to think through all your moves thoroughly, but it also ensures that you don’t get stuck in hour-long games. Want to challenge me? Contact me!

I also play with my husband, and I have to say: we have the best chess set!

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