What a Week!

This week has, without a doubt, been one of my most productive weeks in a long time!

I started the week with a lot of research, and the days just flew by. I plan to submit my work to a poster session in the BCI society later this year. I’m currently studying a setup for calibrating a BCI system simultaneously as the system tries to solve the BCI task as fast as possible. It’s exciting!

I have also spent some time supervising a master’s thesis student in our group. He is creating a pipeline for a real-time BCI system, and it is such impressive work! We have recently gotten a Muse S EEG headband that will be easier to use than the Smarting Mobi setup since it doesn’t require any gel. Of course, it will have fewer electrodes and probably lesser signal quality, but it will be perfect for master’s students. I’m thrilled about all the exciting things that are going on in terms of research!

I ended my week by doing the project for my current WASP course. In the project, we learned good practices for software engineering. I am most proud that I managed to do Continuous Integration (CI) testing in Git for the programs I write. First of all, unit testing is a new thing for me, and doing it autonomously – outstanding! Wow! Sometimes I impress myself!

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