Cloud Course

During the spring, I took a course in Cloud computing. The idea is to use cloud computing with BCI systems to make them faster and mobile.

The overall concept of a cloud is that the service should more or less always be available. Availability means, among other things,

  • that the service needs to scale according to the load,
  • have replicas of the backend (because things will fail and you have to design for failure),
  • and you probably want to write everything as microservices (that run independently of each other).

Many details need to match before you have a working cloud system. We learned to use many tools, such as Docker, CI/CD, Ansible, Terraform, Redis, Open stack, and many more during the course.

As a final project, I did a prototype for how we could build a BCI system on the cloud. It worked and showed how much I have learned during this course. I’m proud!

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