Effective Studies – 2. Your Study Place

I have gathered my best advice on how to study in this series of blog posts – Effective Studies.

Your Study Place

To help you concentrate, it is good to have a special place where you study – Your Study Place. The only thing you do at this place is studying, and when you study you should always do this at this place. This will help you get into a study mood and keep your concentration.

You should do everything you can to remove distracitons from your study place. One thing is to never bring your cellphone to your study place, it will have to stay outside. For me it helps to wear hedphones to keep sounds away. I usually don’t have any music on, but if I do I have nature sounds from Tabletop Audio.

As a student, living in a small apartment, it is sometimes impossible to have a whole room or a whole table as your study place. You might need that space for eating or something else during the day. Then, one solution could be to put something special by the table when you study that signals to you “this is now my study place”. It could be a special lamp, a flower, a chair or something else. Find a way to create your study place.

When you have your study place set, go ahead and study!

Contents of this blog post series:

  1. Put your cellphone away
  2. Create a study place
  3. Prepare for a lecture
  4. Take notes during the lectures
  5. Summarize lectures
  6. Read the book
  7. Do exercises
  8. Keep concentration
  9. Do time management with units
  10. Prepare for the exam
  11. Do the exam
  12. Evaluation after the exam

Thoughts or questions? –  contact me.
Good luck with your studies!


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