Effective Studies – 4. During the Lecture

I have gathered my best advice on how to study in this series of blog posts – Effective Studies.

During the Lecture

The straightforward thing to do during a lecture is to listen and take notes. Taking notes does not mean writing down everything the lecturer says. It means to write down words or short sentences that will help you remember what the lecturer said. Try to catch: What seems to be the main point the lecturer is trying to make? What are the hints and advice to solve a problem? Where can you get more information about this topic? It is also a good habit to write dates on the notes.

The lecture is an excellent opportunity to answer all those questions you have from preparing for the lecture by asking questions. Additionally, asking questions often help you keep attention to the lecture since you have to find the right spot for asking the question.

Contents of this blog post series:

  1. Put your cellphone away
  2. Create a study place
  3. Prepare for a lecture
  4. Take notes during the lectures
  5. Summarize lectures
  6. Read the book
  7. Do exercises
  8. Keep concentration
  9. Do time management with units
  10. Prepare for the exam
  11. Do the exam
  12. Evaluation after the exam

Thoughts or questions? –  contact me.
Good luck with your studies!


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