Effective Studies – 8. Keeping Concentration

I have gathered my best advice on how to study in this series of blog posts – Effective Studies.

Keeping Concentration

One of the greatest challenges as a student is to keep the concentration for a whole day of studies. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make it easier.

The first thing to do is to put your phone away. I talked about this in the introduction, but it is worth repeating.

Another thing that can help is to get regular exercise. Even a short walk can do wonders sometimes. For me, yoga at home an easy way to exercise.

The most important advice for keeping concentration is to work in short units. About 45 min of concentrated work and then a 15 min break is a nice setup. Put your phone in silent mode to ensure that you are not disturbed during those 45 minutes of concentrated work.

Contents of this blog post series:

  1. Put your cellphone away
  2. Create a study place
  3. Prepare for a lecture
  4. Take notes during the lectures
  5. Summarize lectures
  6. Read the book
  7. Do exercises
  8. Keep concentration
  9. Do time management with units
  10. Prepare for the exam
  11. Do the exam
  12. Evaluation after the exam

Thoughts or questions? –  contact me.
Good luck with your studies!


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